Monday, June 18, 2012

Cute Boy ♥

hello, i'm back. I just tell you, a cute boy who has stolen my heart.  
I fell in love at first sight with him. it's in because i'm watching tv, and then he and his band "Lucky Laki" filled talent show, called "Indonesian Idol", so awesome
He has a rock voice, when he was aged 12 years old. KEWL! oh I forgot to tell you what's his name, he was named Dashel Zidane.
 But it seems like I'm going to be brokenheart at his age is much younger than me. no problemo, I love him because he's so cute, handsome, has a voice that made ​​people unable to say anything a.k.a speechless!
and i wanna share to you his photos, xxo.

 with his band "Lucky Laki" on Indonesian Idol 

hi's ready. ACTION!
okay and this is Lucky Laki perform on Indonesian Idol

see ya.-

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