Saturday, June 16, 2012

Novus Ordo Seclorum Δ

Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order)
i have a bunch of question about that.
googling, watch the video, find on wikipedia, read the book many more.
i try to find "what is that?" and "how can?"

so we'll begin our adventure to know what is novus ordo seclorum.
The New World Order is a program designed by the Zionist or Jews since a thousand years ago.
this program made to unite the whole world into a single government under the rule of Jewish (Zionist) people.
they run this program with a very systematic structure.
they're incorporated into a secret society groups.
like Freemason, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome and many more.
ZIONIST FRATERNITY is made up by rich people, respectable people, have the highest social strata and can't be touched by the law.
they are the imponderables or force that would be inconceivable.
how can this people be so cruel :(
they made a deadly virus to create a social unrest and human depopulation on a large scale.
they want to kill 2/3 population on this earth and leaving 1/3 population under a single master control, the ZIONIST.
they spread the Marxist, Fasist ans Occultist.
they introduced the Pagan Symbols among the young people through the music or films.
"all seeing eye"

Zionist designs called THE GREAT SEAL is also contained in one dollar US.
what the ?!@#$!&%
owkay and this is what "they" want.
the FACT is.. the FREEMASON is the trend now!
many people wear an unfinished pyramid t-shirt, pagan symbols in every post on social network, triangle stuff, or just take one eye picture like me. ha ha.
we're trapped and hypnotized by them.
we think that's KEWL! isn't it?
or may be that's just what i think woakwoakakaka.
but when i try to find the novus ordo seclorum and know what is that..
i think i should open my eyes and see the future to save the world.
i'm not a Freemason experts.
i just try to explain to you what i know about the ONE EYE, PENTAGON, THE 666, BAPHOMET or TRIANGLE symbol.
i don't know it's right or wrong.
i just read, googling and many more to know more about the Novus Ordo Seclorum.
if i'm wrong i'm sorry. he he.
they were just a bunch of people who want to be a GOD.
if we don't open our eyes, we'll not see anything.
we're just going to be a slave or die.

believe it or not, just the only one GOD who knows the truth.
that's all i know.
thanks for read-ing.
lota lova xo


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