Sunday, July 1, 2012

cruel world.

you must be ever heard about the haters. isn't it?
someone who always know every single detail about you, but still mocking you even though she actually care.
i don't know what is the benefit of being a haters.
for me that isn't useful. right?
sometimes the haters are our motivator and also sometimes we will aware of our faults because of them.
but.. taking care about another person's life is waste our time. right?

in this world we have many things to do and to think about.
why do we have to take care of others business and start to mocking people while we still have another things to do? it's so weird and cruel.

"before you start judging, be sure your hand are clean and haven't done what you're accusing someone else of doing"

sometimes i feel desperate when i know there's someone who doesn't like me :(
but when i think again and again..
maybe they're just jealous or they're can be my motivator to become a better person.
"i don't give any reason for anyone to hate me. they create their own little drama of jealousy"

"love me or hate me, either way i'm on your mind"

this is life, free to like or dislike.
but we should know how to respect each other.
being a haters isn't a good idea.
if you don't like someone, then talk to her politely without hurting her feelings.
wouldn't that be better?
"rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots"

"envy me, rate me, hate me. either way you ain't me"


lota lova, xxo. ♥

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