Saturday, July 7, 2012

disney songs♬

well, i'll tell you about top 10 disney songs. 
check this out! 

1. The Lion King – I Just Can’t Wait to Be King 
In the 1994 film, “The Lion King”, young Simba and Nala sing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” as they try to distract Zazu. This song is tons of fun as the lion cubs cause chaos.

2. The Fox and the Hound - Best of Friends
Copper the hound and Todd the fox are adorable in the animated film, "The Fox and the Hound." Enjoy this Disney sing-a-long.

3. Hercules - Go the Distance
The 1997 Disney classic, Hercules, told the story of a hero with god-like strength. "Go the Distance" is an encouraging Disney song.

4. Mulan - I'll Make a Man Out of You
"I'll Make a Man Out of You" is a song from the 1998 film, Mulan. In the film, Mulan is bullied as she tries to save her father from death in the army.

5. Aladdin - Friend Like Me
The Disney song "Friend Like Me" is sang in the film Aladdin. After letting the genie out of the bottle, he shows Aladdin how he can help him.

6. Robin Hood - Oo De Lally
The enchanting song "Oo De Lally" is from the 1973 classic Disney film, Robin Hood. During the 1950s, oo de lally was a term used to mean, "yay" or "yippe."

7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Out There
The animated musical drama, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, centers on Quasimodo, a deformed bell ringer of Notre Dame. In "Out There", he sings about being out in the real world.

8.  Snow White and Seven Dwarfs - Heigh Ho
"Heigh Ho" is a cheerful song sung by the seven dwarfs as they work mining diamonds in a cave. This term actually means "hello."

9. Beauty and The Beast - Belle
"Belle", also referred to as "Little Town" is the opening song in Beauty and the Beast. Belle sings the song as she walks through the small town.

10. Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon a Dream
The 1959 classic tale of a sleeping princess, Sleeping Beauty, is one of romance and excitement. During "Once Upon a Dream" in the film, Sleeping Beauty sings with the forest animals.

of all the disney songs that exist. is only one disney song that i like. the song is from the film "Aladdin" and the title song is "A Whole New World". lyric is so touching. the song tells the story of Aladdin are invited Jasmine to see or show the beautiful world with his magic carpet ride.



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