Thursday, July 5, 2012

what i do today?

what i do today?
yeah let me tell you what I did today. well, this day i'm hangout with my best friends.  
we make a pact to meet at an intersection at 1 pm. when i met my best friend (jenita and cristin),  
we were waiting for a public transport to go to a mall, called Sun Plaza.

we are waiting for public transport is quite long, maybe about 30 minutes.  
when it is to get public transport, we were climbing it. on the trip, we took about 20 minutes.  
when he arrived at Sun Plaza, we went straight to the bookstore.  
we read and look for books that we wanted but did not find it.  
then, because we feel hungry we went to the restaurant.  
we are looking for a restaurant that we think interesting to attend.  
and our first choice fell on a Korean Restaurant.  
Korean restaurants that provide cuisine. woho, you know why we chose the restaurant?  
because i and cristin are korean addict hehe

this is where the story funny and shame occur. when we entered the restaurant, 
we sat down to the dining chairs. nah, we don't know if you want to eat at that place,  
had to pay in advance at the cashier. and then, me and jenita told cristin to talk to the cashier. 
when cristin tells us that the price of food in the restaurant is ninety-five thousand rupiahs per person. 
but with the price that much we can eat as much for 3 hours. wow! kewl. 
it's just that we did not bring enough money to eat there. 
for what? because we're off to college. off means do not get pocket money. and it was very sad.

then, we were discouraged to eat at the restaurant. 
we went by quickly and shame. Aish! after that we went from there, we laugh because they feel ashamed. then, we went to another place. and .. woho Korean Restaurant we saw again in different places at affordable prices. cihuuyy!  
We also select and order food. when our meal arrived, we were speechless.  
Korean food because it looks weird. probably because the first time we saw Korean food.  
we eat it. i ordered Bulgogi Chicken Udon and Orange Juice.

Orange Juice and Bulgogi Chicken Udon

Bulgogi Chiken Udon
while cristin ordering vegetarian kimchi and orange juice, 
while jenita .. eum i forgot what she ordered. hehe I'm sorry jen.  
and then, after lunch we continued our walk.  
we feel bored in the mall, so we are planning to go to a place to drink a cup of coffee.  
we got out of the sun plaza, and go to a cafe that is quite far from the place.  
when came to a cafe called Coffee Cangkir, we went in and shortly after that we ordered drinks.  
I ordered Blackforest Coffee Float, but I forgot to photograph the drinks are to be included in this blog. hehe

Our long enough to be in the cafe, we have many stories to tell that is not endless.  
We felt comfort in this cafe, as in the cafe has enough customers to make you surprised. 
in the cafe you're free to do whatever, just as if you are a smoker girl, you don't need to worry because it was gossip or feel awkward to smoke. 
you know what? because all the customers there are busy with their world.  
we also feel at ths cafe because a lot of handsome boys on the inside. haha!

 well, which is more surprising is that you can also gamble. really great!  
me, jenita and cristin can only laugh at it.  
other things, in the cafe there is a group of people at our table next to busy watching us.  
any one of them, a boy with glasses and has a rather good-looking faces glancing at our table.  
I thought maybe he was looking towards jenita.  
but unfortunately, even glancing jenita a guy who was behind us haha so funny.

  we're so happy to talked anything until didn't realize our drinks were empty , the waiter immediately took our drink earlier. 
because me and cristin drink too much, we felt the urge to urinate.  
so we went to the toilet. after we were out of the toilet, we back seat. 
feel strange because at our table there was no nothing. me and cristin also ordered another menu.  
i ordered tea float and cristin ordered ice tea.  
we continued our story, so we do not realize that out there was rain and it was dark. umaigaadd!

i feel cold, because i was wearing only shorts and a chiffon shirt.  
moreover i drank too much that makes me want to go to the toilet again. 
i go to the toilet with jenita because he wanted to go to the toilet too. 
once completed, we sat back in his chair and looked out. and gratitude is the rain was not heavy anymore.  
suddenly i was shock to hear what cristin said that..
 "a boy with glasses who had wanted to ask for my phone number", 
i think he likes jenita. my guess was wrong. crisitn then told him "if you want her number, just ask to that person"

  i felt awkward and took jenita and cristin go home.  
we also requested a bill to be paid. after paying, we ready went.  
he saw me, but he doesn't dare to ask for my number. we got out of the cafe, and it was still raining outside. 
we were crossing the road and wait for public transport to go home. 
  crisitn is a first came home after that me and jenita.
some time later, jenita was dropped from public transportation,  and i say "be careful on the road to jenita". 
on my way home, suddenly my public transit strike. 

i decided to step down from public transport and are planning another ride public transportation. 
iwalked in the rain waiting for public transportation to my home.  
but none of the public transport pass even motorcycle was in full all. 
i feel scared and frustrated.  
clock was already shown at 20:30 tonight.  

i started to send a message to my friend named Sofyandi.  
while waiting for a reply message from sofyandi. i saw an empty motorcycle and called him. 
then i ask "what is the cost to travel to my house" he said, "ten thousand rupiahs" and we are deal. 
when i was in motorcycle, sofyandi reply to my message. 
i am so sorry, but after that he made ​​me into an awkward and fly-ing.  
luckily when I got home I did not get yelled at by my parents.

omaigad, sophie! for now, i'm single. i'm just waitng for you..
i'm waiting you for a thousand years, for a thousand more.
ekeke! xx

well, this my story! see ya.-

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