Monday, July 9, 2012

zodiac of disney princess.

Every Disney Princess has zodiac sign too! 
Which Princess has same zodiac as you? Find out here, pals.

1. Snow White the Aquarius
Considered by The Walt Disney Company to be the first ever Disney princess, Snow White embodies the personality traits of a true Aquarian. Plus, food horoscope links Aquarius to healthy foods choices, hence Snow White's need to bite into that apple!

hehoo, you know pals, my zodiac is aquarius.
and SO KEWL! my zodiac same with snow white!

2. Aurora the Virgo
"Sleeping Beauty"s resident princess is independent but kind, as is common with most Virgos. She also might play hard to get--and make you chase her through the woods--but under her gorgeous exterior is a heart full of passion and love.

3. Belle the Cancer
Cancers are the most nurturing of all the signs in the zodiac, which fits Belle's agenda of taking care of both her elderly father and her cursed love interest.

4. Cinderella the Pisces
Pisces are the most dreamy of the zodiac, just like Cinderella. You've got to keep yourself in a constant state of dreaminess to survive being denied an invite to the ball or being locked up in a tower by your evil stepmother.

5. Nala the Leo
Okay, so it might seem a little silly to deem Simba's lady love a Leo, except she embodies all the key Leo qualities: Courageous, strong-willed, and--of course--possessing the heart of a lion.

6. Merida the Taurus
The newest member of the Disney Princess family is determined and stubborn as hell, two of the most common traits of a true Taurus.


7. Rapunzel the Libra
The array of layers in the "Tangled" protagonists personality make her the ultimate level Libra: She's playful and free-spirited, but also intelligent and capable of standing up for herself.

8. Tiana the Capricorn
Capricorn women are known to be motivated and independent, as is the case with Princess Tiana.


9. Mulan the Gimini
With her ability to be both tough and feminine, both clumsy and quick on her feet, Mulan embodies the juxtaposition of personality traits that make her the all-encompassing Gemini.

10. Tiger Lily the Scorpio
Scorpios are known for their mystery and polarizing allure. Hence Peter Pan's interest in Tiger Lily, though all she does is dance around him and never says a word.

11. Pocahontas the Sagittarius
Pocahontas is adventurous, passionate, and incredibly strong-willed; all the main traits of a Sagittarian.

12. Jasmine the Aries
A true Aries, Jasmine is courageous and confident, not to mention adventurous, (which comes in handy when globe-trotting on a flying carpet.)


13. Ariel the Pisces
It might seem too facile to deem the mermaid princess the face of the sign of "The Fishes." But Ariel encompasses so many true Pisces traits: She's dreamy and has an enormous imagination, as well as being incredibly compassionate and kind.

what do you think 'bout this?
AWESOME, rite?
catch you later, dude! xx

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