Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Disturbing Disney Tattoos

Tattoos are everywhere. 
We see them on all types of people and in all different places on the body. 
You might be wondering where tattooing originated, 
or how we even came up with the word 'tattoo'.
WELL, i will share to you, buddy.. some tattoos of disney world.

1. Tinkerbell Thrives on Hello Kitty Blood.

People will really tattoo just about anything onto their bodies, and images from the Disney film catalogue are no exception! These tattoos can occasionally be kind of cool, but the awesome ones are reserved for this blog. Here, we'll be focusing on the most tragic examples the internet has to offer.

We always knew that Tinkerbell was up to no good, but I don't think any of us expected her shenanigans to be up to quite this magnitude! Apparently between scenes in Disney's 'Peter Pan' and trips to the top of Cinderella's castle, Tink likes to go on mass cartoon character killing sprees.

Poor Hello Kitty never saw it coming.

2. Jasmine, The Tattooed Alien. 

Here we have this stunning rendition of Jasmine from the movie 'Aladdin.' There are two important things to note: 1. Jasmine doesn't have a pet tiger; she instead has one tattooed onto her back. But what would the Sultan say?! 2. She is some sort of extraterrestrial with only four fingers.

3. Not-So-Poison Apple?

Even ignoring the fact that Snow White is the dumbest/least heroic of all Disney princesses (unless you want to model your life after a girl who would probably take razor-filled candy from a creepy dude in a van without a second thought), this tattoo is still a disaster.

If you're going to taint a perfectly good neck with a tattoo, you should pick something a little more appealing to look at. By "poison free," is she trying to make a statement about being anti-drugs? If so, Snow White tells a different story by chowing down on that apple.

4. Badass Eeyore.

It seems that Eeyore has taken a few notes out of Tinkerbell's code of ethics. After living in depression for so many years with little to no sympathy from his friends, I suppose Eeyore was bound to lash out eventually.

Let's look at the plus side here; he may have decapitated poor Piglet, but at least the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood can sit down to a nice pork dinner with a side of bacon!

5. Disney Tough Guy.

There's something ironic about a man trying to look tough by tattooing cartoon Disney characters onto his arm. Sure, he at least tried to up the badass factor by picking the villains, but I don't think it really has the effect he was going for.

6. Tigger's Got Street Cred.

You wouldn't want to run into this Tigger in a dark alley! Most of his outfit isn't so scary, but his angry facial expression, combined with the fact that Tigger's packin,' gives the impression that he's not just asking for directions.

7. Back in Alice's Wonderland.

Imagine having the desire to cover 3/4 of your back in 'Alice in Wonderland' imagery. Consider the mindset that went into making this important life decision. Also take note of the time and pain involved in making this dream a reality.

Now make your own judgment.

8. Disney Tattoos, Head to Toe.

This young whippersnapper's entire body, and home, are completely covered with Disney paraphernalia. One would probably be correct in assuming that he didn't have the best of childhoods, and turned to Disney in an effort to wipe all of the negative memories away. In any case, it's a bit over-the-top, and someone should get him in touch with a mental health professional.

woho, he's crazy, rite? ink addict nih si opa.-

9. Sensing a Theme.

Here we go again with the 'Snow White' obsession. On the plus side, at least these tattoos are not on the young lady's neck or face (that we know of). On the negative side, she has 'Snow White' tattoos all over her back and arms. I'll give her the award for Least Improved.

10. Haunted by the Mansion Tattoo.

I am totally on board with appreciating the awesomeness of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. I also would agree that this image is from arguably the best part of the experience.

That said, I'm not sure why a person would want to permanently attach that image to their back. Couldn't you order an art print to hang in your living room instead? It's just a thought.

11. Back Full of Tats.

The other tattoos in this gallery have been pretty awful, but none quite compare to this disorganized mess. It's clear that the owner of this tattoo has been adding Disney characters and images to his or her back at random throughout the years, and it results in a complete lack of cohesion as a piece of artwork. Thumbs down, back tattoo person. Thumbs way down.

What do you think of these Disney tattoos?
 Do you think I was too harsh (or not harsh enough)? 
Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 
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