Monday, August 27, 2012


koreanholic? yes, I am a lover of Korean nation.   
 the beginning i like korea is when a local television station,
 broadcast a Korean movie called "Full House". when I was 14 years old.  
 and since then, I started liking Korean drama. you know why? 
 because players are all handsome. philanderer,  
and of course make them a broken heart after seeing the dramatic acting.
What I love about Korea is the history of his kingdom, a beautiful places, traditional dress, called her "Hanbok" Korean youth are certainly cute and handsome. 

 OK, this time I will tell you, 
where are the Korean actor who has stolen my heart 
and did not return it. that could make me cry for days, 
just because the story and acting that make people can't say anything.

The first is Lee Min Ho.  
I really liked him. I do not know why, but every time he plays a movie, 
he can make me scream like crazy because antics but still cool.


 the second is Joo Ji Hoon
 He is the crown prince into the 21st century. and I hope to be a princess crown,  
so I can be with him, to see his smile all the time.
and, you know what? I was so fixated be acting in the drama series "Princess Hours"  
he made ​​me melted! xx

Prince Crown Lee Shin and His Teddy "Alfred"

" I'm on my way to your heart. And i'll be hangin around there for a wihle. Can I? Ehm.. ehm.." 
- Sri Trian Sumiris

the third is Lim Jae Bum. 
or many people knew him by the nickname "JB"
 Well, I really fell in love with this one cute boy. his smile always echoed in my mind.

" You look so damn cute when you are smiling. wish someday i can be your wife, so i can see your cute face everyday, xoxo. "
- Sri Trian Sumiris

and the last is Tim Hwang, 
I like your smile, your face, and your handsome face, xx

 I'm very happy, because on 29 September later, 
Tim Hwang will be a concert in Jakarta. but.. I'm sad too,  
I can't go to a concert because the tickets are expensive.  
hm, if you mate .. certainly met. trust me!!!


this ma story, what yours?
see you. xoxo 

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