Friday, August 10, 2012


and this is the time when you fall in love wiff the camera..
so i'll bring you to another sweet tour!
snap snap..

lately, I like to take pictures with pout style .  
That's because I always made ​​irritated by my friend.
this some picture wiff pout style.

pout style. so pathetic.

this isn't about ugly or beautiful faces..

this is about how you make the picture look so beautiful!

 it's depend on you!
do not stand to see mysmile like this. kowawa!

i dunno why my style like this.

animated gif 

 i taken this photos just for fun..
hope you like it yeay!
gif animator

and when i was cool to take pictures.  
suddenly my sista came, and we were photographed together.
just one photo. ck
you can follow her twiitter @amiilimbong (promote ;p)

it's wrap! hohoho.
see you later sweetie.

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