Friday, December 20, 2013

called love.. ❤

yes.. this is called L O V E.
when you fall in love with someone, someone that you always thinking about.
someone who stole your heart and make you desperate at the same time.
someone.. someone you never thought that would be fall in love with.
and this is my love story.

i was in college when i met HIM..
this is started by a little chat on somewhere . HOW DOES IT COME?!
i'm introduced my self to him and said my name.
but when he was introduced himself, he was lied.
he say his name is "Jonathan Christian".
but, i was just trusted what he said.

a few days later.. we met again in BC.
 that time I was doing my big task, and he was with lamhot and lasma.  
because it was already late at night, then lamhot drove lasma went to her house.
 and I was staying with him. when just there we both, we were told a lot of things
 and I liked him more. heuu

and the next day.. we have a conversation on the blackberry.
(he's invite my pin hehe)
and.. BOHOO! finally we always make a conversation ally day long.
the point is.. simple.
i even liked him.

after seven months acquainted with so many problems with him​​. 
 ranging from love, hate, happy, sad, and all the feel are mixed  
 finally, we have a relationship. ❤
this is not EASY, cause i know he's have many fans!
he said that -__-"
yes.. mocking, bullying and stalking didn't stop coming.
but my love isn't easily broken..
i realize i have to STAND UP and FIGHT for my love.

and.. today is our first month anniversary!

happy twenty and happy anniversary, boo!
longlast and keep romantic for us!
you know, i love you from head to toe ❤

"if i had one wish, boy.. i'd wish you next to me.
and it could be in summer, fall or spring, boy.. cause you make my heart sing.
i wanna give my heart, my soul, my love to you oh baby.
cause everyday i'm not with you i'm missing you like crazy..
and you must know the truth, boy.. i'm nothing without you.
it's funny how i know what people mean, boy.. when it's too good to be true.
because you give me joy, good love, good times, such happiness..
and everyday i thank the lord for you, i feel so blessed."
i'll never let you go.

actually, i wanna take some picture with him,
but he never wants to take a photo together with me.
c'mon boo, soon we will be separated for welcoming Christmas.
when i'm miss you, i can see our picture :'(

well, thanks Swiss Van Simarmata.. for giving me this love, for giving me your smile, for coloring my life, for makes me feel so precious, for lighting my day, for everything you have done.

this is my love story.




Monday, December 9, 2013

Batam City Trip!

hello pals!
whoooaa, it's been a long time since my last post.
sorry.. i'm kinda busy with my "campus" thingy!
but now i'm back with my super Batam City trip ;))

i went to Batam City just myself, but after that my other friend come to Batam too.
and She is my super besties Emny and her friend's Ceria. (sorry for late post anyway)
I'm went to Batam to Celebrate Emny's Birthday!
the weather is quiet hot but i still enjoyed it.
(of course! cause i'm still in Indonesian!) xp
When i arrived at Hang Nadim Internasional Airport, 
I was shuttled by my best friend Riris.  
then we went to her house to put my suitcase, after that she's invited me to went to her college,
  to take her laptop.

i went to Batam Polytechnic Campus.
OMOOOO! it's a awesome campus!
I even wanted to lecture here when I saw this campus.

whoa the batam city trip was so tiring.
i couldn't even sleep well, because the schedule is too strict.

and well... i got my "bad mood" day there.
but thanks riris, you always be with me! xx
after visit Riris's Campus, we went to Mega Mall.
yea i was very tired but.. my energy was back when i saw the JCO Donut's and Coffee!

thanks God.. i couldn't ask for more.
this trip was so wonderful.
and thanks for my super besties always make me happy.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

secret admirer.

hello , I'm back again. How are you all ? not noticeables, wow is already 3 months I'm not blogging anymore. Oke, this time I'll be a story about the " secret admirer " .

my secret admirer

The last five months, I like a boy, just like. I felt comfortable with him , but unfortunately I'm not weekley be with him. Because customs is so thick. Oke, I began sleepy. But I will continue this story .If I may be honest, this is the first time I got close to a guy with such a long time. We've been close for the last 5 months. I feel like asking him, " our relationship is , what was name ? ". I too often pay attention and care about you , you did the opposite . but why do we always like this relationship without any progress ?

Sometimes I think , " am I too hope that you love me , too ? " or " Why did you make me like this ? If you like or do not like me , please tell me so I can take a good attitude" .

Honestly, I love when we both made an appointment to meet one another. We met and talked. You know, how much I wait moment together with you. When we finished met, you drove me home. I got home, I've missed with you. "Is this love?

since we met, I want to see you again. but unfortunately it did not you always wont to see me. what is my fault? I just wanted to see because I've missed so far.

You know, now I'm close with another boy, and you know him. The guy is a your junior on campus. He was always paying attention to me, not like you. But somehow I always thought that you would never want to give his heart to anyone.

Now I'm going to try to open my heart for him, not for you anymore. I want a serious relationship, while you? I do not know whether to hope that you will give so much to me.

Although I do not have the sense to yag him, but at least he's more appreciative of my feelings ....




Wednesday, July 17, 2013

hello sweet-

i live in a beautiful world, filled with love, laugh, happiness, smiles, miracle, and people who always beside me.
but the sweet-est thing in my life is.. "sweeties".

okay.. here i go.
social media, school, college.. i guess they know me from thats all.
when I was near or in a relationship with someone there will be always people who don't like such things. 
I do not know why they hate me? what because I'm close to the guy they like or they already hate me.

but for some reason of all the problems that i often experienced, i was always troubled about the boy. 
they always bully me through social networks because they guy who they like turned out close to me,  
how immature they are.

people who hate me increase. EVERYDAY. and that's where my life began to change.
besties, haters, friends, enemies, judge, likes, dislikes GOSH!!!!!

judge, bad words etc. sometimes it makes me feel like i am nothing.
but i realized, God always give me the best. world is fair.
behind all the haters.. i have God and absolutely i have my.. SUPERFRIENDS.
yes.. sweeties.

why are you calling them "sweeties", it's because they're the sweetest people that world. 
they always say "never give up, tian". they are always there when i cry,  
they will not be replaced!

they're the people who makes me believe in my dreams, people who makes me believe that i can catch the stars, people who always support me, people who always cheer me up, people who always beside me.
they are my SPIRIT. x)

say hello to my friends!

i love them more than anything, and i'm so grateful to have them.
hope this is last forever.
thanks SWEETIES for being my super FRIENDS. :')
love you all :-*



Sunday, July 14, 2013

awkward moment!

hello there!
aku kembali nih, pengennya sih kemaren nge blog nya,
cuma ga bisa, soalnya kemaren lagi sakit parah -___-"
sekarang sih udah agak lumayan, jadi udah bisalah buat nge blog hehe

WELL, kemaren sih ada yang bilang kalo isi blog tian semua itu "ABSURD"
i don't care lah, terserah orang sih mau berpendapat apa -__-"
back to basic, tian~

beberapa hari yang lalu itu tian nya nginap di hotel, karna takut bobok di rumah :(
rumah kontrakan maksudnya :p
tapi tian nya baru tinggal di rumah kontrakan itu udah sekitar 1 bulan setengah lah,
nah sebenarnya tian berani bobok di rumah(dulu tapi), 
cuma sekarang udah enggak.
iya, karna kan kemaren itu iseng2 ngerental film horor dari warner..
EEE, pas di tonton sih biasa aja, tapi ada orang iseng gitu sih
ngejailin aku nya ngirim gambar serem lewat whatsapp.
makanya sekarang whatsapp di hape aku hapus, udah ternodai gambar serem sih.
gambarnya itu gambar Alm. Suzzana
sumpah demi apa, cuma dia hantu yang paling aku takuti :(

karna udah di kirim gambar itu sampe sekarang kebayang terus mukanya dia,
kalo lagi sendiri, tiba2 kebayang wajah seram dengan mata yg melotot kaya mau keluar itu
ya ampuunnn, langsung parnoan.
apalagi kemaren itu tian di rumah lagi sendiri, temen2 udah ada yg pulang, ada juga lagi di rumah sodaranya.

Jadi gitu deh fix nginap di The Axana Hotel.
tapi aku salah pilih hotel, hotel yg aku tempati kemaren itu hotel yg dulunya roboh karna gempa.
dan tadaaaa
banyak penghuni hotelnya yg meninggal di tempat itu.
ya otomatis angker toh?
tapi, pas aku nginap 3 hari 2 malam di situ, aku ga takut.
tapi aku ya denger sih suara geser2 kursi tengah malam terus suara ngebel kamar.
kata orang dulu sih, kalo ada yg ngebel cuma sekali jangan di buka.
itu tanda nya "dia" pengen masuk. you know lah yg aku maksud kan?

kemaren pas di hotel, ada moment yg bener2 astojim sialnya lah
kalo ga salah pas hari selasa, sepulang dari rumah fitri aku balek ke hotel,
nah, aku nunggu lift la yakan di lantai dasar. pas pula ada om2 yg nunggu lift juga.
pas pintu lift kebuka masuk lah kami, cuma kami bedua mameenn.
udah parnoan sih, soalnya dia ngeliatin aku muluu.
sama2 mau ke lantai 5 lagi kami nya. oh gosh cepat lah sampe dalam hatiku gitu -__-"

pas udah nyampe aku jalan di belakang om2 itu, tapi sekali2 dia lirik ke belakang,
dalam hatiku gini "GANJEN KALI KAU OM!"
pas aku sampe ke kamar ganti celana pendek, cas hape.
dan, suara kursi geser2 itu kedengeran lagi ah shit! mendadak merinding.
penasaran, aku keluar kamar dengan sok berani nya tuh.

aku keluar, kan biasa kalo pintu kadang ketutup sendiri kan?
dan tadaaa, aku mendadak kekunci dari luar.
kartu kamar nya masih di dalam, jadi ga bisa masuk. OH SHIT!
shit nya itu karna aku pake hotpans sama sendal hotel dan itu ga banget!!!
lirik kanan kiri gadak orang, aku pergi dari ujung ke ujung kali aja ada office boy atau apalah..
tapi gadak jugaa :----(

(dalam hati ngomong pake bahasa korea)
"AIGOO, ottekeo nichkhun oppa :-("
"what should i do nih????"
aduh bener2 kaya di film2 dah, beneran deh ga bohong!
aku turun ke lantai 4, ke lantai 3, lewat tangga tapi yaa..
aku malu kalo pake lift, apalagi aku pake hotpans yg ada aku di liatin, aku katain,
taulah kota padang nak cemanaa, jadul bangets!
karna aku liat gadak pelayan, atau apapun sejenis mereka yg kerja di hotel itu,
aku balek lagi ke lantai 5, eh jumpa lagi sama om2 itu lagi nunggu lift. aelah sial!
kenapa lah tangga harus deket lift? dia ngeliatin, tapi aku bodoo amat!
ini bener2 fix harus ke resepsionis, dan fix beranikan diri pake hotpans ke lantai dasar.
dam fix se lift lagi sama om2 itu.
dan pas pintu lift ke buka, eleh banyak orangggg :(
mending mereka keluar semua, ini enggak masih di dalam.
awalnya aku ga mau masuk, alasanku udah penuh tapi di suruh om itu masuk aja nak.
untung sih ada ibu2 nya di dalam, tapi matanya udah sinis minta ampun.

sampe lantai dasar, liat pelayan lagi nyapu ruang makan.
aku datangin, terus aku bilang "mas, saya ke kunci nih dari luar. bisa bantuin ga?"
mas nya blg "langsung ke resepsionis aja, mbak"
aku blg lagi "aduh gimana ya mas, saya pake celana pendek nih segan deh"
si mas nya blg "udah gpp kok itu mbak" yaudah deh beraniin diri aja.

pas di resepsionis, oke udah ngerti kok diliatin tapi pura2 "GA WANT TO KNOW" aja deh
sampe sana ngadu kalo tekunci, terus mbak resepsionis nya manggil mas2 yg jaga pintu masuk 
buat bantuin aku, terus kami (aku sama mas2 yg jaga pintu masuk)
pergi deh buat bukain kamarku.
mas nya lumayan sih, untung aja sih mata nya ga jelalatan,
sampe di lantai 5 di lorong menuju kamar ngeliat office boy lagi nyapu lorong.
eleh, kenapa ga daritadi sih dateng? kimbek lah.
sampe depan kamar, mas nya bukain pintu deh. makasihhhh^^

siap itu aku masuk kamar, eh kesadar dari kemaren pengen wifi an.
keluar kamar untung mas2 nya masih di situ lagi cerita2 sama office boy,
aku tanyain aja username sama password wifi nya,
bilang makasih, terus masuk kamar lagi..
bener2 seharian itu awkwar moment dah!
besoknya check out dah, aduh sedih sih..
cuma ya gimana lagi wkwk :D lebay!
sebelum pulang take photo dulu :p

just it yah, thankiest udah mampir,
see ya



Wednesday, March 6, 2013


hari ini tuh uda ada janji sama temen kampus buat temenin dia beli kalkulator,
secara besok kami ada ujian tengah semester dan itu pelajarannya susah banget!
dari namanya aja uda bikin stres gimana mau ngerjainya besok ya? fuh!
tapi hari ini gue ga belajar. kan lagi nge blog nih.
lagian otak gue udah lemah sama hitungan, karna uda jarang di pake
buat mikir terlalu keras.

gue buat janji sama si indah jam 12, pas uda jumpa kami langsung naik angkutan umum.
maaf la ya kami kan ada rantau, jadi mau gak mau harus naik angkutan umum.
tapi kami singgah dulu ke atm, buat ngambil uang.
sekalian aja gue juga ngambil uang di atm, tapi bukan untuk gue.
buat temen se rumah gue, dia nitip di ambilin uangnya.

selesai dari atm, kami ke pasar raya. 
rencana awal sih pengennya ke gramedia! 
UMAGAA, seneng banget soalnya uda lama gak ke gramedia.
kangen rasanya baca novel di situ, bahkan uda lupa gimana rasanya baca novel di gramedia.
bukan hiperbola, cuma ya gitu emang kangen banget.
tapi semuanya sia-sia setelah negara api menyerang ;---(
karena sangkin panas nya kota ini, terpaksa kami pilih alternatif terdekat.
kalo ke gramed haru jalan kaki lagi, dan itu jauhhh! fuh!

sampe di pasar raya, gue sama si indah mulai nyari kalkulator.
pertama ke swalayan dulu, karna harga nya mahal ga jadi deh.
budget nya itu 145 ribu, soalnya si indah ini lagi hemat uang. haha
setelah itu kami cari lagi ke toko jam, dan..
KOWAWA! ngileerrr banget ngeliat jam di situuu ;-(
pengen banget rasanya beli, cuma tahan nafsu juga. harus hemat demi SP!

karna kalkulator di toko jam itu juga mahal, lebih mahal malahan!
dua kali lipat mahalnya di banding swalayan tadi, ya akhirnya ga jadi.
terus karna sangkin panasnya, kami beli minum bentar.
siap itu jalan lagi menyelusuri pasar yang untung aja gak becek -_-"
capek sih nyari nya, tapi akhirnya nemu jugaa :D
selesai dari situ, kami langsung nembak ke  Plaza Andalas buat makan siang.
pas di jalan, gue nemu lampu tidur yang cuuu bangeettt !!!
pengeeen banget beli, tapi tahan nafsuuu aaaa ;--(((
hampir nangis ngeliatnyaa karna ga bisa di beli.

daripada patah hati, ya langsung gue tinggalin deh tuh tempat.
kami naik angkutan umum, terus ke Plaza Andalas.
sampe di sana, kami pilih KFC ajadeh kalo ke solaria kejauhan.
keburu cacing di perut keluar wkwk
si indah pesan makanan, aku ngambil tempat duduk.
sambil nunggu, ya aku main ipad deh hehe

nih peristiwa yang paling FUH! FUH! FUH!
si indah datang bawa makanan, terus kan biasanya di kaset tuh.
awalnya aku bilang ke dia, entar kalo di tawarin kaset gausa mau deh.
kasetnya gadak yang seruu, penyanyi abal-abal semuaa.
eeeh gaktau nya pas dia datang, dia bawain kaset nya AFGAN!!!
aaa seneng bangett deh. beneran! secara gue kan AFGANISME! hehe

kata si indah, "awalnya sih gue ga mau terima tawaran kaset tuh tian.
tapi pas di tunjukkin kasir nya kaset apa2 aja, dan gue ngeliat ada afgan nya,
yaudah gue pilih afgan aja. secara gue tau banget lu ngefans sama afgan!"
 okedeh, buat alasan yang satu itu bisa di terima :-P
terus, si indah mau cuci tangan duluan tuh..
yaudah gue foto-foto dulu deh sama album nya aa agan yang terbaru.
lagi asik-asik foto, ada nih anak kampung nyindir gue. 
katanya gini "anak jaman banget sih, pake hape bb, di mejanya ada ipad..
terus sok foto sama kaset begituan. mau pamer gitu kali ya?"
ih tengik kali sumpah, sangkin gondoknya.
gue putar deh badan gue 180 derajat terus gue bilang
"terserah apa kata lo deh. dasar kampungan!"

padahal sebenarnya ga bermaksud loh buat sok anak jaman gitu.
karna tadi lagi nunggu si indah ngantri pesen makanan, ya aku main game bentar di ipad.
siap itu tuh ipad di letakin di meja, karna gue mau foto bareng album nya agan.
ga bermaksud buat apa-apa.
tuh cewek-cewek tengik langsung diam pas gue bilang kampung!
ini pertama kali gue berani ngomong gituan deh, beneran!
lagian gue cuma foto dua kali jepret doang kok.

FUH! kaleee liatnya mameeen

 setelah dari kfc gue sama indah pergi deh keliling-keliling.
kali aja ada yang kecantol walaupun cuma sebiji hehe
tapi kali ini ipad nya ga gue masukin ke tas, soalnya tas gue uda berat.
nitip ke tas indah, tas nya juga uda penuh.
bukan sombong, tapi beneran deh, ini juga terpaksa.

kaya nya ini tuh hari sial gue, pada sirik atau gimana ga tau deh.
nyindir nya itu ga nanggung loh, langsung kedengaran telinga.
"baru punya apel yang di gigit aja uda sombong"
ya ampuunnn! ini apaan sih, yang sombong siapa coba?
gue sih ga ambil pusing, walaupun dalam hati iya ;(

gue masuk ke ramayana sama indah, liat sepatu, baju, sama tas.
sekedar liat dong. karna capek yaudah pulang ke rumah ajadeh langsung.
pas di angkutan umun nih yang makin sial.
kebelet bokerrr cin *parah*
untung aja kebelet nya tuh gak kebelet kali, untung aja ini perut pengertian.
pas di angkutan umum cuma merinding sangkin kebeletnya.
tapi kalo bole jujur sakit nahannya.

untung aja, uda hampir deket rumah, turun dari angkutan umum,
gue pamit sama si indah.
bayar ongkos, terus lari deh ke rumah. untung aja perumahan,
jadi ga banyak yang liat gue lari-lari.
sampai rumah buka sepatu langsung masuk kamar mandi.
L E G A!!!

pas malam nih gue gaktau deh, tiba-tiba aja galau.
tiba-tiba aja pengen nangis, dan itu karna si Matahari Senja ;(
gue galau ya karna semalem baru baca novel, nangis :(
habisnya sedih sih, kepikiran sampe sekarang kisah nya.
yang bikin gue tambah sedih itu karna novel "Jingga dan Senja"
bakalan di FILM kan!!!
AAA, seneng sih tapi lebih banyak benci nya! ck

senengnya itu karna bakalan di film kan. 
jadi kan gue bisa ngeliat sosok Matahari Senja secara nyata!
ga perlu lagi buat berkhayal terlalu tinggi gimana rupa dan sifatnya.
tapi yang bikin guee bencccciiiiii yaitu..
ternyata pemainnya jelek semua. apalagi si Tari nya.
Tari itu cewek yang di sukai sama si Ari(Matahari Senja)
kalo Ari lumayan deh, gue ngeliatnya di blog pengarang tuh novel.
ih ga banget deh pokoknya, mending gue yg jadi Tari nya.
padahal cerita uda sebagus gitu, masa pemainnya sejelek itu.
bukannya menghina, ngejek, ngelece atau gimana ya..
kek mana orang tertarik sama tuh film, kalo pemainnya gak punya karisma,
gak punya daya tarik apalagi daya jual yang bagus.

FUH! banget deh pokoknya hari ini.
menguras hati dan emosi juga.
yauda deh, aku juga uda capek ngetiknya.
dah, makasih uda baca :P

- t -