Wednesday, July 17, 2013

hello sweet-

i live in a beautiful world, filled with love, laugh, happiness, smiles, miracle, and people who always beside me.
but the sweet-est thing in my life is.. "sweeties".

okay.. here i go.
social media, school, college.. i guess they know me from thats all.
when I was near or in a relationship with someone there will be always people who don't like such things. 
I do not know why they hate me? what because I'm close to the guy they like or they already hate me.

but for some reason of all the problems that i often experienced, i was always troubled about the boy. 
they always bully me through social networks because they guy who they like turned out close to me,  
how immature they are.

people who hate me increase. EVERYDAY. and that's where my life began to change.
besties, haters, friends, enemies, judge, likes, dislikes GOSH!!!!!

judge, bad words etc. sometimes it makes me feel like i am nothing.
but i realized, God always give me the best. world is fair.
behind all the haters.. i have God and absolutely i have my.. SUPERFRIENDS.
yes.. sweeties.

why are you calling them "sweeties", it's because they're the sweetest people that world. 
they always say "never give up, tian". they are always there when i cry,  
they will not be replaced!

they're the people who makes me believe in my dreams, people who makes me believe that i can catch the stars, people who always support me, people who always cheer me up, people who always beside me.
they are my SPIRIT. x)

say hello to my friends!

i love them more than anything, and i'm so grateful to have them.
hope this is last forever.
thanks SWEETIES for being my super FRIENDS. :')
love you all :-*



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