Wednesday, October 2, 2013

secret admirer.

hello , I'm back again. How are you all ? not noticeables, wow is already 3 months I'm not blogging anymore. Oke, this time I'll be a story about the " secret admirer " .

my secret admirer

The last five months, I like a boy, just like. I felt comfortable with him , but unfortunately I'm not weekley be with him. Because customs is so thick. Oke, I began sleepy. But I will continue this story .If I may be honest, this is the first time I got close to a guy with such a long time. We've been close for the last 5 months. I feel like asking him, " our relationship is , what was name ? ". I too often pay attention and care about you , you did the opposite . but why do we always like this relationship without any progress ?

Sometimes I think , " am I too hope that you love me , too ? " or " Why did you make me like this ? If you like or do not like me , please tell me so I can take a good attitude" .

Honestly, I love when we both made an appointment to meet one another. We met and talked. You know, how much I wait moment together with you. When we finished met, you drove me home. I got home, I've missed with you. "Is this love?

since we met, I want to see you again. but unfortunately it did not you always wont to see me. what is my fault? I just wanted to see because I've missed so far.

You know, now I'm close with another boy, and you know him. The guy is a your junior on campus. He was always paying attention to me, not like you. But somehow I always thought that you would never want to give his heart to anyone.

Now I'm going to try to open my heart for him, not for you anymore. I want a serious relationship, while you? I do not know whether to hope that you will give so much to me.

Although I do not have the sense to yag him, but at least he's more appreciative of my feelings ....




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