Monday, December 9, 2013

Batam City Trip!

hello pals!
whoooaa, it's been a long time since my last post.
sorry.. i'm kinda busy with my "campus" thingy!
but now i'm back with my super Batam City trip ;))

i went to Batam City just myself, but after that my other friend come to Batam too.
and She is my super besties Emny and her friend's Ceria. (sorry for late post anyway)
I'm went to Batam to Celebrate Emny's Birthday!
the weather is quiet hot but i still enjoyed it.
(of course! cause i'm still in Indonesian!) xp
When i arrived at Hang Nadim Internasional Airport, 
I was shuttled by my best friend Riris.  
then we went to her house to put my suitcase, after that she's invited me to went to her college,
  to take her laptop.

i went to Batam Polytechnic Campus.
OMOOOO! it's a awesome campus!
I even wanted to lecture here when I saw this campus.

whoa the batam city trip was so tiring.
i couldn't even sleep well, because the schedule is too strict.

and well... i got my "bad mood" day there.
but thanks riris, you always be with me! xx
after visit Riris's Campus, we went to Mega Mall.
yea i was very tired but.. my energy was back when i saw the JCO Donut's and Coffee!

thanks God.. i couldn't ask for more.
this trip was so wonderful.
and thanks for my super besties always make me happy.

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