Friday, December 20, 2013

called love.. ❤

yes.. this is called L O V E.
when you fall in love with someone, someone that you always thinking about.
someone who stole your heart and make you desperate at the same time.
someone.. someone you never thought that would be fall in love with.
and this is my love story.

i was in college when i met HIM..
this is started by a little chat on somewhere . HOW DOES IT COME?!
i'm introduced my self to him and said my name.
but when he was introduced himself, he was lied.
he say his name is "Jonathan Christian".
but, i was just trusted what he said.

a few days later.. we met again in BC.
 that time I was doing my big task, and he was with lamhot and lasma.  
because it was already late at night, then lamhot drove lasma went to her house.
 and I was staying with him. when just there we both, we were told a lot of things
 and I liked him more. heuu

and the next day.. we have a conversation on the blackberry.
(he's invite my pin hehe)
and.. BOHOO! finally we always make a conversation ally day long.
the point is.. simple.
i even liked him.

after seven months acquainted with so many problems with him​​. 
 ranging from love, hate, happy, sad, and all the feel are mixed  
 finally, we have a relationship. ❤
this is not EASY, cause i know he's have many fans!
he said that -__-"
yes.. mocking, bullying and stalking didn't stop coming.
but my love isn't easily broken..
i realize i have to STAND UP and FIGHT for my love.

and.. today is our first month anniversary!

happy twenty and happy anniversary, boo!
longlast and keep romantic for us!
you know, i love you from head to toe ❤

"if i had one wish, boy.. i'd wish you next to me.
and it could be in summer, fall or spring, boy.. cause you make my heart sing.
i wanna give my heart, my soul, my love to you oh baby.
cause everyday i'm not with you i'm missing you like crazy..
and you must know the truth, boy.. i'm nothing without you.
it's funny how i know what people mean, boy.. when it's too good to be true.
because you give me joy, good love, good times, such happiness..
and everyday i thank the lord for you, i feel so blessed."
i'll never let you go.

actually, i wanna take some picture with him,
but he never wants to take a photo together with me.
c'mon boo, soon we will be separated for welcoming Christmas.
when i'm miss you, i can see our picture :'(

well, thanks Swiss Van Simarmata.. for giving me this love, for giving me your smile, for coloring my life, for makes me feel so precious, for lighting my day, for everything you have done.

this is my love story.




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